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I’m a quarter of a century old!

Now that I’ve just turned a quarter of a century old, I look back and say that I’m extremely and wonderfully blessed.

This year started with a bang indeed, with the announcement of the surprise pregnancy to a then-nameless/“sex-less” baby, whom we’re all now excited to see and snuggle with. From then on, more exciting happenings started rolling down my alley. One of which was my civil wedding to my God’s Best, Saz, on our 3rd year anniversary. (Oh, not to mention our Discovery Weekend together, which reaffirmed our being.. soul mates, if you may) As for other things, well… just some milestones with my pregnancy- from the first sight of the heartbeat down to finding out his sex and constant movements in my belly, which simply excite me even more!

It seems like there’s no culmination to all of these, I cannot say that the birth of our first son IS the finality of it all but I’m thinking, the road will just be a never-ending one for all the other meaningful, tears-worthy events to leave their mark.

This morning, I was greeted by my sweetest only sister with a heartfelt message. It was around 6am, I was still in bed that time, when I first read her text.


So I got up for my usual quick breakfast and saw this nicely-wrapped gift on the dining table. I swear I had NO CLUE how my husband was able to sneak it in that night ‘cause I was with him the entire time since he picked me up. In retrospect, he probably got back in the car and set it all up while I was asleep! He’s so good at that.

It had a little note on it. I was sorta holding back my tears all because my husband’s not really expressive with words. Letters and notes from him really pull a heart string.



Anyway, little did I know I was in for the biggest surprise of the day. I didn’t open the gift until around 10am this morning. I had a short meeting and ogled over the totally random gift nestled in my seat, which was from my thoughtful officemates (it was a diaper bag!!!) all before I opened Saz’s gift.


So finally, I had my eyes on Saz’s gift like a little piece of yummy, gooey chocolate cake. My jaw just dropped seeing this little apple icon as I peered through the small tear. Escalated to a bit of shaking when I was halfway through opening it.

Good Lord, it was a MacBook Air. 1Q2W2E34R5TYUI8!!!!!


Saz just set my standards skyrocketing high! I remember how he surprised me on my 23rd birthday in Singapore while I was on a business trip. HE WAS FREAKIN’ THERE. HE FLEW FOR MEEEEEE. Talk about prince charming, dream guy-type of giggly-doo here.

To add to all of these are wonderful, thoughtful greetings from my loved ones and friends. *sigh* What more can I ask for?

Thank you Lord. 

39 months


Although we’re spending our Thursday night w/different company, I feel blessed and forever grateful for the gift of Saz.

Today, we celebrate our 39th month together and our 3rd month as husband and wife. I must say that the road was not as smooth as I had planned but I definitely have no regrets having a few huge and small bumps along the way.

I know that we’re a relatively young couple and we certainly have not reached the 5-year/7-year mark or any of those milestones for long-time couples out there but we sure have been through a decade-worth of challenges and tribulations. We’ve seen the worst and best of each other, battled through series of stubbornness, pride and mood swings… to name a few; but at the end of the day, I find myself consumed by our love for each other and I can only move forward with a more forgiving and loving heart for my husband.

With our little munchkin in tow, I feel more empowered and blessed- like I’m becoming more of myself around them. Now, I am starting to see the family in us. And it’s heartwarming having to experience it all at such an early age (early for most!) I’m not discounting the advent of baby blues- those endless cries and sleepless nights, which will certainly make us go craycray (add to that other marital problems!) More challenging situations have yet to unfold but I am so darn sure that we’ll surpass and be better versions of ourselves for each other and for our baby Marcelo.

To my best friend, my number one bully, my lover and teacher (no pun intended!), my teammate, my travel buddy, my strength and weakness, my God’s best, thank you for letting me celebrate life every single day.

Soooo thankful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of people around me! This paper bag came from one of our bosses Ms.Meh who just gave birth to a baby boy! Some unused items for me and baby Marcelo!!:) #blessed

Soooo thankful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of people around me! This paper bag came from one of our bosses Ms.Meh who just gave birth to a baby boy! Some unused items for me and baby Marcelo!!:) #blessed


My family loves to invent/use funny words/names.

Case-in-point, I was called mikaging-ging when I was a little girl, pronounced as mi-ka-ging-ging because I was tabachingching (or, chubby). Haha. And we call our dog Kobe pachuychuy or pochoy when we’re making lambing.

Hence, the title of this another shallow entry. Bubong is from the word, pasalubong or a present coming from a trip somewhere.

I specifically requested for a nice, durable bag to replace my old bag which is attracting dust particles and foreign color making it a far cry from its original form. A replacement is indeed a need.

Mama recently texted about getting me a piece from Furla’s latest summer/spring 2013 collection so surprise surprise na lang sa product type but she reveals its color as aqua w/calf leather. Let’s see if she has great taste! *fingers crossed*


I’m guessing it’s that aqua one with the python print! Hope it really is because I’ll be the happiest momma-to-be!

Aside from the bag, I requested some good ol’ macaroons from Pierre Herme. Hope she’s able to get them since their last stop is Paris!!! 


Okay… Medyo naglalaway na ako. HEHEHEHE. I think I’ll be happier getting a munch on these goodies!!!


Wish you were here but happy mother’s day mama!!!! Let’s celebrate when you’re back!:) #bravestwomaniknow #blessed

Wish you were here but happy mother’s day mama!!!! Let’s celebrate when you’re back!:) #bravestwomaniknow #blessed

Early mother’s day treats and surprises from Cyma, @kara_mendoza and @sabjose !!❤ Thank you for remembering and making me and baby Marcelo happy today 😘 Love you both!! #blessed #motherhood #masexcitedsila

Early mother’s day treats and surprises from Cyma, @kara_mendoza and @sabjose !!❤ Thank you for remembering and making me and baby Marcelo happy today 😘 Love you both!! #blessed #motherhood #masexcitedsila

Thank You.

My day started out fine, actually. I woke up early with a sweet kiss from my husband, prepared healthy breakfast, showered, drove to work and came on time.

Hours later, I received a random call from Saz who delivered some bad news. Inevitable as I thought, anxiety rushed all over me and I just couldn’t make him feel better so I calmed myself down and told myself not to dwell on it and decided to put down the phone for things to simmer down a little. (Besides, its bad for the baby!) 

I felt tears welling up and no minute later, they started to fall. I felt worried and plain heavy, my heart was pounding twice as fast and nothing else could make me feel better until I led myself to a short prayer.

One factual thing? God listens. God knows what you need even before you ask and the rest of the hours have been a solid proof of that without a doubt. And the best thing? God answers- through words, through loved ones, through random people.

I saw a notification from 'Message from God' and clicked the button to see what God’s words were for me for the day and it read:

"…you have to face your problems however difficult they are".His words obviously hit me and I was sort of re-energized and thought that He’s just there to carry me through- I just have to face the day with complete surrender and trust and courage. I thanked God after reading that.


After lunch, an office staff came to our area with a baby boy in tow. An adorable, sociable baby boy who lifted my spirit. And I thanked God for that.

Shortly after, I got a random call from sir Isaac, one of our sales directors in the office who happens to be the “grandfather” of everyone in the office. He rang me to ask what flavor of ice cream I wanted in Dairy Queen.

What a blessing, indeed. Small gestures pull my heartstrings. And I thanked God once again.

But God indeed is the best giver even to the undeserving- my best friend Sab sent me words of encouragement, a prayer that lifted me up and a reversal of attitude took place. Best of all, I realized I am not alone in carrying my crosses.

Often times, we fail to look beyond all sorts of problems and challenges. But our Lord has His ways of touching us and leading us back to Him no matter what.

Through random calls, exchange of messages between you and a good friend, words of encouragement, a cup of ice cream, a sweet smile of a little baby- all instrumental to His unconditional love and overflowing grace.

And at the end of it all, we give nothing but thanks to the Mighty One.

This blog consists of daily musings of a 26-year old, first time mom from Manila who recently left her corporate job to be a full-time mom to her baby boy Marcelo...and possibly find her true calling. free counters