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College Block Reunion

Top: Sel, Je, Sab

Bottom: Sash and I

I cant believe it took us more than 2 years to get together as a block.

I always see other batch mates having their own reunions left and right on my FB feed and I couldn’t help but wonder why in the world is it so difficult for us to just meet up, even for an hour, and catch up! And then I realize, we’re just into different fields now- bathing in long hours of erratic work schedules and we just couldn’t get the time right.

Until FINALLY, our very first get together took place. Well, it just took us weeks of planning. Hahaha. Oh, and I must say that “BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS” encourage people to go. And that night, I was the one who shared some.

  1. badmindy said: Cy!! Am I guessing right?? Congrats…??!
  2. iiiloveyougypsyeyes said: excuse me but what is this big announcement!!!
  3. cymumbles posted this

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