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Weekend that was.

Meet my parents.

They were off to a wedding yesterday and funnily, both of them asked my help from picking out the clothing to choosing the best perfume and of course, doing mom’s make up.

A little over a week ago, I took my mom to the mall to get her a dress for the wedding. We went to The Ramp Crossings for a look and saw this great-fitting dress in very cute and vibrant colors that suit my mom’s complexion. We tried so many dresses and the minute she slipped in this piece, it was clear that we were gonna get it and we did.

We then went to Zara for this pair of comfortable shoes to match the dress. Well.. At first, we were eyeing over this pair in The Ramp as well, but we werent too convinced. You know it happens to most girls.. When it doesnt feel right- we don’t buy. So when we buy pieces- it’s just magic, it shoots right through the heart and who we are. I guess that’s what’s fun about dressing up- expressing yourself through the clothing and putting together an ensemble that speaks of who we are. Fun, flirty, boyish.. a lot of roles to play around with.

Anyway, moving on.. last night, I met up with my very good friends James and Sab whom I set up on a blind date almost 4 and a half years ago.. Still happy and strong! Missed these two.

Went to Cravings at Eastwood for dinner then one round of drinks at Chuck’s Deli!

Sab is one of the funniest, sweetest, loveable, and my most admired friends ever. It’s always nice catching up with her!

Around 12mn, I headed to Borough to see Saz’ friends. It’s really great having these guys- they’re just so much fun and you can only be nothing but yourself around them. Just so easy.

Haaaay. What a blessed weekend! God is good.

On other things..Outfit post ahead.

It was a relaxed day today so I just lazily put on this ensemble- easy breezy cover girl metallic shirt and printed shorts. Decided to slip my feet in this crochet pair of salmon shoes to give it a pop of color.

Bag from Accessorize, shoes from Rubi ($5!!!)

The real subject of this photo is my dog. Hahaha he keeps photobombing! So adorable.


Well, well.. It’s another work week. Cannot wait for the next weekend of fun!:D

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