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My Little Burrito

Dear Marcelo,

You just turned 8 months old, my love. How time flies. You were just in my big tummy not too long ago and now… You’re almost 11 kilos heavy and tall like most 1-year-olds. This early, mommy already knows how strong your zest for life is! Your curiosity is like no other, your movements are way beyond your years or should i say months? You’re simply extraordinary and I thank God everyday for giving me such a sweetheart, joy and blessing.

Now, you’re stocking up on more tricks. Gestures for “Patay lamok”, “Strong”, “NO”, “Jump”, “Sit down”, and “Close Open” plus some syllables (your occasional “Mama”) like Dada, Baba, Papa are all making mommy so happy and excited for more milestones coming my way! And how can I resist getting all giddy over your first tooth? Its starting to come out and mommy’s over the moon! Oh wait, I won’t forget how I get so ecstatic when I see you smile and hear you laugh… Haaaay. These are all wonderful things and I’m so thankful for them!

I love you, my dearest burrito and I can’t wait to witness more wonderful miracles from you <3

4 years, a lifetime to go

It’s almost an hour before the clock strikes 12. By then we would be celebrating our first year “wedding” anniversary and coincidentally, our fourth year of being together.

Time flew by so quickly, my love. I was just telling Sab earlier that it was just like yesterday. I remember vividly the night we found out I was pregnant- the same night I knew you were the one for me. The same night I knew, you will be a great father to our child.

You’ve been such a blessing in my life, Saz. Thank you for letting me be who I am and for pushing me to be better. For believing in me when I’m in my lowest of low. For loving the unlovable in me. For all the sacrifices and selflessness. For making me feel beautiful when I’m not- I look into your eyes and I see the best of me. Thank you for giving your best shot in everything. For providing for our family. For being generous and humble. For making me laugh every single day (no fail). For the passion you have for your vocation. For inspiring me. For giving me the world (although just having you and Marcelo, means the world to me) For everything, thank you.

With you, I can take on pretty much anything life throws at me! Still in awe at how “fight-less” our relationship is now that we’re married. HAHA. Luck’s on our side. :P

Happy anniversary to my best friend, my favorite enemy, my cheerleader, my bully, my husband, my God’s best, my everything. I love you so much.






Flowers, check.

Pre-dinner tea fix, check.

Good food and wine, check.

Massage, check.

Conversations and laughter, check.

Best husband ever, check.

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Anonymous asked: i have a question.... WHY IS YOU BABY SO CUTE???!!!?????? aaaaahhh. (sorry..he's just too cute!:)

HAHAHA Awww sweetest question everrr. THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU!!! :D :D :D He’s adorbzzz!

Anonymous asked: your baby's cheeks are so puffy and red! so cute!

HAHAHA Yeah he likes rubbing his cheeks on surfaces when he’s cranky :)) 

Another First: Solid Foods

Well, guess what?

I’ve just introduced solid food to Marcelo’s diet! Pedia instructed me to give him rice cereal for his “first meal”. With that, she meant- cooked rice with breastmilk, sort of like the ever famous lugaw or congee.

There’s a variety of choices in the market- of course there’s the normal white rice that we eat, a healthier alternative would be brown rice, Gerber for those who are too busy to cook, and my personal pick- fine organic brown grains available at Healthy Options.

A few days ago, exactly on his father’s birthday, Marcelo tried his rice cereals. Spoon fed the little one and as expected, he made quite a mess. Spits here and there, some residue of the cereals on this chin and over to his bib. It was quite an experience, really, and it’s exciting! I read in Babycenter that parents have to make “eating” more fun by making sounds and silly gestures as if the spoon’s either a helicopter or a rocket landing on his mouth. It was nice seeing my son open his mouth or even reach for his spoon and his bowl! At least he’s interested, right?

Hopefully, within the next few weeks, we can introduce more varieties like squash or potatoes! Now that would be another awesome thing!

Hello from my 6-month old boy!!!

This blog consists of daily musings of a 26-year old, first time mom from Manila who recently left her corporate job to be a full-time mom to her baby boy Marcelo...and possibly find her true calling. free counters